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High Performance and Fuel Efficient
Marine Jet Propulsion



Its high efficiency means:

  Smaller engines  
  Longer cruising on less fuel  
  Fewer emissions  
  Lower carbon footprint  

Its controllable pitch propeller means:

  Simple and fun to use  
  Joystick docking
  Smooth shifting from forward to reverse
  Quick shifting without reducing RPM
  Quick low-speed steering response
  Adaptability to varying speeds and loads
  Reverse thrust backflush  
  No reversing bucket  

Features and Benefits

  Acceleration -- for skiers/loads  
  Fuel efficiency  
  Dependability -- low failure rate   
  Maneuverability at low speeds  
  Shallow water operation  
  Economy -- low maintenance  
  Safety -- no exposed propeller  
  Quiet operation  
  Load carrying capability  
  Modular design for quick exchange  

Almost all boaters would like this combination of features. One or more is missing from every boat propulsion system on the market today. IntelliJet Marine offers all of these and more.



IntelliJet Presentation

How It Works - 4 videos
Controllable Pitch Propeller
And - Modular Replacement Video

Performance Benefits-3 videos

Wakeboard & Waterski
 First Test Boat


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