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IntelliJet Marine Seeks Boat Manufacturer


IntelliJet Marine Jet Design

  Marine News --
May, 2010

 . . .  Reverse flow through the jet eliminates the need for a reversing bucket which allows a larger diameter system with higher propulsion efficiency to fit in the same space. . . .


Marine News --
October, 2009  tech file

 . . . IntelliJet claims the propulsion unit can do three things better than propellers . . . .  Reducing the jet velocity by 50% doubles the thrust for any given hydraulic power, so fuel consumption is reduced by 50% in the lower jet velocity. . . .


  IBI / International Boat
Industry Magazine
July, 2005

IntelliJet Marine Launches
Advanced Version of Variable Jet Drive


  Soundings / Trade Only Magazine
July, 2004

Jet drives are the future, predicts company.
Northwest firm claims its microcontroller overcomes two drawbacks of conventional models.

Reprinted with permission from Soundings
Publications LLC.



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